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The Haerd edit

Just finished the edit of the band Haerdsmaelta´s latest vid “I Kissed Jesus”. It´s a nice little tune that needed some cuts. I used FCPX exclusively. It´s great when you have a six track multicam (ProRes) and is able to to just stretch/re-time the 3 min vid in the multicam-clip to match towards the music. Then do the edit, add the graphics, do the colour. And best of all no rendering needed!

Here´s a link to the piece https://vimeo.com/155055821

Great flavours

Are finnishing up the edit for a small presentation/doc of Silvio Trevizan and his restaurant. Silvio has been a fisherman whole his life at the Adriatic Sea. Now he has moved to Sweden and is running a restaurant where he serves food from the Dalmatian kitchen. Until the film is finnished here are some pics from it.

Graphics in 36 languages

Been doing localizations for Hennez&Mauritz in 36 languages. A three minute video for their inter company communications. The job consisted of replacing animated titles and text for the different languages.


At first, I got the question to do it in After Effects but after having a look into it I was thinking that Motion 5 would be perfect for the task.

I knew that the scripts/translations for the different languages would be dropping in one by one or more. And the responce time for me to output the new localized version had to be minimal in time.

So I had to find out a workflow with minimal moments and labour time involved. An “a.s.a.p-workflow”.

After Effects is powerful but many times it shows that Motion will do the job easier and with less effort, with the same result. Since my FCPX would be doing the final output of every language. I simply fired it up and started to prepare everything.

During my prep i realized that I did not even had to use Motion, I could do everything I needed in FCPX! With a even simpler workflow than Motion!! I received a copy of the original in DNxHD and made a project for the text replacement parts.


My strategy was to first output only the parts that needed text/title replacement. This to minimize rendertime in the output. Then I loaded these clips/parts in a master project where the whole program would be output.

The final step was to load the new localized masters in the Telestream and encode the files to H264 files for the web. I use Telestream instead of Compressor. I’m more used to it and I think that I get more granular power depending on what needed to be done with the encode.

The way that FCPX let you design the way, you want to actually work is just fantastic! And by choosing to do this job in FCPX, it saved me a lot of time. Cheers!

Scream Bloody Mosher

Had the great pleasure to deliver the final grade of “Scream Bloody Mosher” by F.K.Ü. yesterday. It´s a music live video shot at Göteborgs Nation in Uppsala, Sweden by Simon Wettervik. The video is aimed for the Napalm Records – YouTube channel.


DaVinci greade to the left, original gut to the right
DaVinci grade to the left, original cut to the right. Notice the noise in the AVCHD codec.

It was shot in the AVCHD codec but I luckily received the edit in ProRes 422HQ, so that I was able to get some elbow-room grading it. I did three temp grades, two in DaVinci and one in FCPX. Sent these off to the guys in the band to let them choose wich one they preferred. They liked the FCPX version best so I finnished it, and sent it off. Once again FCPX showed that it is a powerful program. Had thou a little trouble with the audio who didn´t wanted to export with the correct level in the final output. I got it sorted, but strange it was. Perhaps a little blog on that later…

Youtube vs Vimeo

Since the final result was aimed for YouTube. A lot of care must be taken in the final encoding for this. YouTube has done a lot lately to supply a higher quality and more pleasant experience, viewing stuff from theirs streams. But still they have some to go, until they have the same pleasant viewing experience as Vimeo.

Some angry ones from the final grade
Some angry ones from the final grade